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The following free upgrade promotions are available (please read the related announcements further below):

Vumatel Double Up Promotion

Frogfoot Double Up Promotion

Link Africa Double Up Promotion

CoolFibre Double Up Promotion

Announcement regarding free line speed upgrades:

  • Mitchells Fibre clients will not be upgraded for the time being, due to Vumatel constraints
  • SADV users will not be automatically upgraded as a cause of their final acquisition by Vumatel.
  • SADV is offering upgrades as a seperate entity but we will announce when we are ready to implemented this.
  • If your Fibre Network Operator is not listed in the above promotions, then we will let you know if we are going to implement upgrades, if at all.
  • Please read the fine print for each promotion.
  • We will not entertain tickets or support calls regarding the free upgrades.
  • The upgrades are a “free” privilege, not a right.
  • The line upgrades are under the network operators’ control, not ours.
  • Once the fibre operator has upgraded lines, an announcement will be made here. It may require you to reboot your router, depending on the network.
  • Information on Vumatel upgrades:
    • The upgrades will start rolling out on the 01 April at midday. We will upgrade all 10/2 and 10/10 Mbpsservices to 20/2 and 20/20 Mbps on both the active ethernet and GPON networks. Please note that the 4/1 Mbps for Parkhurst will be upgraded to 10/2Mbps service.
    • We will review the upgrade process and capacity on the network on Thursday, 02 April at 14:00. Should any risks be identified that affect the integrity of our network and yours, we will evaluate our course of action, and may need to consider postponing, or in extreme cases, roll back the upgrades. The remainder of the service upgrades will be based on the successful implementation of the 10Mbps to 20Mbps upgrades.
    • 20Mbps and 50Mbps upgrade ETA – Thursday 02 April
    • 100Mbps and upwards ETA – Friday¬† 02 April