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Fibre To the Home

Fibre To the Home

We were one of the first Internet Service Providers that put up our hand to supply services as a Fibre-To-The-Home ISP in Parkhurst. FTTH stands for Fibre To The Home. It is an idea of bringing high speed networking i.e. high speed internet, digital television and telephone services to residences using fiber optic cables.The fiber network delivers true high speed broadband services that will be able to deliver up to 1Gbps ( gigabit per second). This is around 10 to 200 times faster than DSL broadband services.

Fibre To The Business

Fibre To The Business

We started offering fibre to the business in Rosebank and from there we are growing to more areas. FTTB stands for Fibre To The Business. It is an idea of bringing high speed networking i.e. high speed internet, digital television and telephone services to businesses using fiber optic cables.With great offerings like a static IP address, service level agreements and other amazing perks, businesses are getting high speed uncapped and unshaped internet at an affordable rate.

VOIP Telephones

VOIP Telephones

We supply corded and cordless VoIP phones that run on your fibre to replace your analogue land line phones. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The VoIP phones run directly on your internet line and there is no need for an additional telephone line as well as an internet line. The technology used in VoIP dedicates a distinct voice channel to each individual conversation that is underway. VoIP has more affordable rates and is the future of telecommunications!


Because we are efficient!




We are a tight-knit team of passionate individuals who are on a mission to bring the best high speed, uncapped and unshaped internet to you at an affordable rate. We believe that customer service is key and that working efficiently as a team is what gives us our edge. All members of our team learn all they can about the various aspects of Cool Ideas and thus become a friendly trove of information for our clients. We also have these great perks!






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  • I would just like to thank you guys for your prompt and professional service. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you guys. I will definitely make use of your services as soon as my house goes live with fiber. I've heard the same from the owner of our company. Thanks again

    Dries Uys, Sinister Studio

  • I really want to let you know about the amazing service I have just received. I called shortly before you closed at 17h00 for technical assistance. All your technicians were busy and accounts took a message and promised that someone would call me back. (How often do customers get told that with no follow through?) How thrilled was I then, when my phone rang at 17h30 and a wonderfully engaging, friendly and helpful technician solved my problem over the phone! Thank you. You have shown exactly what customer service is about :) Cool Ideas gets my 110% vote for excellence! I'll certainly be telling everyone about my wonderful service experience.

    Alison Palmer, Cool Client

  • Thank you for the fantastic service! World class!

    Gary Isbister, Cool Client

  • Thanks so much for the mini-tutorial this morning. The Technician was really very helpful. I'm so pleased I chose Cool Ideas :-).

    Astrid Corubolo , Cool Client

  • Exceptional service right from the start. Cool Ideas are efficient, prompt and responsive. I can't fault them on anything.

    Graham Thompson, Cool Client

  • Signed up on a Monday night at 10, had internet immediately through CPE connection, router arrived on Wednesday, AWESOME SERVICE! 20 meg line is the bomb and the pricing is amazing.

    Dalton Nel, Cool Client

  • I was online within hours. Not often can one say one gets what one pays for with ISPs. No hassles; highly recommended.

    Benjamin van Looy, Cool Client

  • Over a year since my home fibre was connected. Not one day downtime. Always the promised speed. No Telkom 2.7mb when you they claim 4mb. Truly hassle free.

    Kevin Buissinne, Cool Client





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